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Business Insider Affect Cognitive Biases Decisions That BwI7F Business Insider Affect Cognitive Biases Decisions That BwI7F
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Business Insider Affect Cognitive Biases Decisions That BwI7F


We’re not going to beat around the bush here, obviously being 21 is so much better than not being 21. Sure you can get a fake ID, but that lingering worry in the back of your mind about the possibility of getting caught is sometimes going to outweigh the fun of getting turnt with your buddies on a school night, right? Wrong. Buying your own booze is awesome. You could have your cool older friends buy you beer, but what fun is that? Here at The Black Sheep, we came up with a list of the top 7 ways a fake ID could make your undergraduate life better to help out you youngsters when trying to decide if a fake ID is for you.



7.) Avoid Extreme F.O.M.O:

Fear of Missing Out (F.O.M.O.) is a serious disease that claims the lives of millions of college students every year. This year, you might find yourself with Extreme F.O.M.O. when it comes to the 21+ scene here at UK. When your friends are at the bar, you’re 100% going to be pissed that you didn’t get the invite. Is it because you suck? Possibly. Is it because you’re not 21 yet? Probably. Getting a fake ID could help you through these tough times. 



6.) Don’t Worry About the Lame Party Scene:

Just imagine: you and your buddies are all pre-gaming and finally make it over to this party that your dumb friend Steve told you about and it’s the worst thing ever. Everyone instantly goes to the bars while you go home because you’re a little kid. Sucks to suck, right? If you had a fake ID, though, you could tag along to all the bars and maybe find yourself some friends to buy drinks for.



5.) Never Having to Ask for Alcohol:

Asking someone to buy you alcohol is the worst, especially if you hate having to ask for favors. You find yourself pleading, “Hey man, I know it’s Wednesday night but I need three bottles of the cheapest liquor you can find.” Well, save yourself the embarrassment and get a fake! Load up on all the Burnett’s you want without getting the judgment.


4.) Impressing the Ladies:

Nothing is cooler than being able to buy a girl a Lime-A-Rita or some Malibu. If you get a fake ID, you’ll be her go to, and maybe she’ll start to get the hots for you. We don’t want to be too ahead of ourselves here, but do we hear wedding bells? The Lime-A-Rita? $2.49. Finding your soulmate all because of a fake ID? Priceless.


3.) BYOB-ing to Tailgates:

What if it was possible to get drunk at tailgates without forcing your cute lady friends to go steal a couple extra beers for you from the frat tents at the bowl? The anxiety of wondering if they see you smuggling some Natty Lights in the other direction would be gone. Get a fake ID, and you’ll never worry about this again. You’ll have your own tent!



2.) Making Your Own Business:

It’s no secret that the demand for alcohol for underage kids is high. When you go home, take advantage of this and put those ECO 201 skills to use and use some supply and demand strategy. Demand is high, you supply! Charge a fee for picking up beer for your still in high school friends. Charge whatever you want, because you’re their only option! Monopolize that shit.



1.) Everything Is Better When You’re Drunk:

This is one truth we hold as self-evident. Whether it’s that 2 hour lecture you’ve been dreading, that test you didn’t study for and know you’re gonna fail, or that annoying friend who keeps bugging you to come over, alcohol will make it better! Get yourself a fake ID so you can get drunk any time you’d like, and never worry about another dull moment again.


You aren’t 21 yet, and once you are you’ll probably see that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Regardless, appreciate that you still have one more milestone to complete in your early years. Whether you get a fake ID or not, enjoy being young and make all the memories you can.


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